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          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           EXPEDIÇÃO TERRAU 12 DAYS - MONTE RORAIMA - 2023
ARRIVAL IN BOA VISTA – 11/15 – Until 06:00h (LOCAL TIME)
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        SAIDA DE BOA VISTA – 24/ 11 until 2 pm (LOCAL TIME)

- All flights arriving in Boa Vista, arrive between 23:00 and 02:30
You can ALSO do the entire trekking section
- If you want to do it by bike, bring your own




Mount Roraima, located on the triple border of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, is currently one of the most desired mountains by mountaineers and trekkers around the world. We will be the first group to arrivego to the base by bike. And we are going to do this in a different way, as we will have porters for our luggage and people to take care of the bikes while we are trekking.

Incredible landscapes of great scenic beauty,
a fascinating bike base arrival, long, pleasant and easy walks, in addition to inspiring stories and legends, are the attractions of the itinerary.

Famous for Conan Doyle's novel about the Lost World, Roraima is a mountain unlike any other, as it has a summit of over 100 km2, where, according to the British writer, prehistoric monsters lived. Despite the fantasy, the summit landscape actually inspires a lost world due to the various bizarre geological forms, such as stone towers, caves, deep crevices, waterfalls, icy lakes and the somewhat exotic vegetation, almost always shrouded in fog due to of the temperature difference between the top and the surroundings of the mountain, in equatorial latitudes.

Even in the middle of the Amazon, the Roraima region is not surrounded by forests, but by the “Gran Sabana”, a type of Venezuelan cerrado that extends through the Brazilian state of the same name. This landscape will be part of the first days of biking/trekking. Despite being part of Brazil, access and services are all Venezuelan. The base city for this itinerary is the small Santa Elena do Uairén, located on the border with Pacaraima (Brazil). Access is via an indigenous village, Paraitepuy, the entry point to the Canaima National Park where the mountain is located in Venezuela.

This itinerary lasts 8 days and 7 nights, plus days of arrival and return in Boa Vista and includes travel from Boa Vista (RR) to Santa Elena and then to the mountain (round trip). And it also includes mountain guides, and the entire structure for carrying out the challenge.

Total Distance: 102 km approximately
Accumulated altitude: 1920m












Day 1 – Boa Vista (Roraima) – Santa Elena de Uairen (Venezuela)
Means of displacement: vehicle for you and your bike
Altitude: 850m

Today is reserved for arrival in Boa Vista. We will be waiting for you at the Airport (keep in mind that most flights arrive at dawn) and then we will board the transport to the BRAZIL – VENEZUELA BORDER, where the "PERMITS" will be authenticated and validated.

Departure from Boa Vista will be at 10AM (LOCAL TIME) towards Santa Elena de Uairén (220km). Arrival is scheduled for 02PM at the HOTEL in Santa Elena de Uairén. Therefore, customers will be taken to the Hotel and after leaving their personal belongings, they will be taken to a local restaurant to have lunch. After lunch, we will return to the Hotel, with the client having the afternoon to rest and acclimatize.

Therefore, we will have a meeting at 07PM at the HOTEL. Briefing participation is mandatory and we will cover all aspects of the expedition. After the meeting, we will all go to dinner at a local pizzeria. After dinner we will return to the HOTEL, and customers will be at ease.

INCLUDED:Overnight at hotel and transport. MEALS NOT INCLUDED.


Day 2 – Santa Elena de Uairén – Paraitepuy – River Tek (or Kukenan)
Means of displacement 1: 4x4 vehicle, to the village of Paratepuy parayou and your bike
means of displacement
 2: Bike from the village of Paratepuy to the Tek River
Altitude: 1050m

After a delicious breakfast, we'll depart from Santa Elena de Uairén in 4×4 vehicles towards the Paraitepuy indigenous community (2 hours of travel). On the way we will register in the National Park. Here we will weigh and distribute the luggage of the porters. Our ride starts here and will take approximately 5 hours (14km) to camp on the Kukenan River or Tek River. The lead guide will decide which camp we will stay at according to the departure time and availability of places. We will set up camp and have time to explore the area, take pictures and rest. We have a river close to the camp that allows us to bathe.

Distance: 14 km
Accumulated altitude: 402m


Day 3 – Tek (or Kukenan) River – Base Camp

Means of displacement: Bike
Altitude: 1870m

We will have breakfast and leave around 8PM towards the base of Roraima. Today the route is 12km however we will gain at least 800 meters in altitude. We estimate a 4 hour bike ride for this. Today we will cross the Kukenan River, which requires the use of socks as there are extremely slippery rocks. On this day we will do a bike ride to observe Roraima up close and think about it the next day. In the camp we have a small river nearby where we can bathe. From here we can observe the imposing Roraima up close. In the evening we will have dinner and we will pass on the information about the next day.

Distance: 12km
Accumulated altitude: 790m


Day 4 – Base Camp – Top – Main Hotel – Maverick
Means of displacement: Trekking
Altitude: 2820m

Today we will only have 6 km of route, however we will gain 800 meters in altitude. As soon as we leave the camp, we will have a very winding and steep trail through the forest that takes us quickly to the base of the Roraima wall. We will walk through dense forest, roots and loose stones. This will be one of the most beautiful moments of the trek, with stops along the way for photos and rest. The entire route will take 4 to 6 hours and we will have water at 3 points along the trail. We will reach an altitude of 2800 meters and for this reason the temperature will drop considerably. If there is time, we can also visit the Maverick stone which is the highest point of the entire complex at 2820m.

Distance: 6km
Accumulated altitude: 785m


Day 5 – Triple Frontier – Crystal Valley – Coati Camp
means of displacement: Trekking
Altitude – 2800m

After breakfast at the MAIN hotel/cave, we will start the 4 to 5 hour walk to Camp Coati, which is on the Brazilian side. On the way we will stop at the Brazil/Venezuela/British Guiana triple border. Just 300 meters away is Vale dos Cristais. A curious point where there are thousands of small crystals and curious formations. In less than 1 hour after the triple point, we already have the Coati Hotel, which is an immense sandstone cavern where dozens of tents fit. There is a kind of hall where you can see the sky. We won't have much unevenness today, however we will have some descents and ascents due to the rough terrain at the top of Roraima.

Distance: 12km


Day 6 – Coati Camp – Lake Gladys – Mirante da Proa
means of displacement: Trekking
Altitude – 2800m

Those who are willing can leave very early to see the sunrise from the Roraiminha viewpoint (a smaller tepui), located 500 meters from Coati. We'll have breakfast and take a 6 km hike towards Lake Gladys, a curious lake at the bottom of a cave with a collapsed roof. On the way, we'll eat a trail snack and then head to the huge crevasse that separates the bow of the Roraima. This will be the northernmost point of our route and if the weather permits, we will be able to see beautiful landscapes of the equatorial forest of Guyana. We will return to Coati Camp for dinner and sleep. For those who prefer a little rest, they can stay at the camp.

Distance: 14km


Day 7 – Coati Camp – El Foso – Ventana – Yacuzi – Hotel Sucre
means of displacement: Trekking
Altitude: 2800m

After walking for 2 hours from Coati, we will be at Foso, which is a large hole 10 meters in diameter and inside has a small lake. It is possible to get inside through a winding path. If time permits, we will visit the curious Ventana, which is a rock formation that resembles a window. In the background of the window is the landscape of the distant Amazon rainforest. On the way we have the Yacuzis which are pools that resemble jacuzzi tubs. Our night will be at Hotel Principal or Hotel Sucre.

Distance: 12km


Day 8 – Return to Rio Tek
Means of displacement: Trekking and biking
Altitude: 1050m

After an early breakfast, we'll set out for a day of walking for approximately 8 hours and 1600m of altitude loss. The first three hours of descent are very steep and you have to be careful. We will eat our trail snack at base camp and then head to Rio Tek camp, where we will have our last dinner. Before reaching Rio Tek we will have 2 rivers to cross.

MEALS NOT INCLUDED. Distance: 18km


Day 9 – Descent to Santa Elena de Uairen

Means of displacement 1: Bike to Paratepuy
Means of displacement 2: 4 x 4 from Paratepuí to Santa Elena de Uairen

With a ride of about 3 hours we will reach Paraitepuy where our 4×4 vehicles will be waiting for us with cold drinks. We will have our lunch on the way and then we will continue to Santa Elena de Uairen where we will have the hotel booked.

INCLUDED: Overnight at hotel and transport.
Distance: 14km


Day 10 – Boa Vista
means of displacement
: Vehicle

Return day to Brazil with road trip to Boa Vista (220km). The departure from Santa Elena de Uairén will be in the morning with an expected arrival before 2PM in Boa Vista.

We recommend purchasing a flight after 6PM.


** The itinerary available here is subject to change due to weather conditions, group performance or political/administrative changes at the location in question.


– R$6,250.00 – Six thousand, two hundred and fifty reais.
(If you start your payment in December or January, we can split it in 10 installments)

- Ground transportation from Boa Vista airport to Pacaraima (Venezuela border) - Round trip
- Transport from Pacaraima to Santa Helena del Huairen - Round trip 
- 2 Accommodations in a hotel in Santa Helena (Shared room). 1 daily on the way and 1 daily on the way back, with air conditioning, swimming pool, wi-fi and TV;
- Bureaucratic permits and entrances to the Canaima National Park (round trip);
- First aid kit (collective use);
- 4X4 transport for you and your bike to Canaima National Park (round trip);
- Management photos taken during the trip - will be made available after returning to Brazil;

- Porto Seguro individual life insurance;
- 24-hour satellite tracking Via Spot X;
- Cold drink (Coca Cola and local beer) at the end of the expedition - at the Entrance of the Canaima National Park);
- Local bilingual guide specialized in Tour Roraima, for 8 days; 
- Carrier (porter) carries all the customer's luggage during the 8 days;
- Charger (porteador) to take care of the bikes while we are on the Tepuí (plateau)

- Bike
- Tents (we have individual tents that can be hired for R$200.00 (value for every day) or you can bring your own tent;
- Flight or transfer to Boa Vista (Roraima);
- Helicopter rescue for medical and personal reasons (US$2,500.00)
- Equipment for trekking to Mount Roraima, such as: Backpack, Stove (little cylinder we will buy there) and other personal utensils. The customer must pay attention to the minimum list of equipment for the shipment;
- Food for the days in Santa Helena de Huairen and during the expedition to Mount Roraima (8 days). Below is a suggested list of what to bring;
- Other transfers and/or tours not mentioned in the itinerary; 
- Any accommodation, food or transfer not mentioned above, even in the event of any impossibility (weather, natural disasters, etc...) that makes it impossible to complete the expedition. The client is responsible for his own equipment and food during the expedition to Mount Roraima.

                                                      EQUIPMENT SHIPMENT MOUNT RORAIMA 2023

Important: some of these equipment can be shared!



- Cargo backpack ✔
-Tent ✔ (we have for rent)
-Sleeping bag ✔
- Thermal insulation ✔
-Shit tube ✔


-Anorak ✔ (windbreak)
- Fleece blouse ✔ (with thermal insulation)
-4 Shirts ✔
-3 Pants✔ (2 attack and 1 cold)
-6 Pairs of Socks ✔
-Trekking boots ✔
- Slipper ✔
-1 Cap ✔
-2 Gloves ✔ (attack and cold)
-Hat ✔

-Stove ✔
-3 Gas plugs (for 2 people) ✔
-Pots ✔
-Cutlery ✔
-Cup ✔
-Ischiero and phosphorus ✔

-Rain cover ✔(Personal and Backpack)
-Tent lantern ✔

- Headlight ✔
-Reserve batteries ✔
-1 Bottle of water / camelbak ✔
-Trekking pole ✔

-Camera ✔

-Toothbrush ✔
-Bath towel ✔
-Toothpaste ✔
- Soap ✔
-3 rolls of toilet paper ✔
-Sunscreen ✔
- Lip balm ✔
-Repellent ✔

Everything inside plastic bags or watertight bags due to the climatic conditions of the region.

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