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Serra da Bocaina Cycletour

BOCAINA MEU AMOR - TOUR (3 days pedal)

It is a medium-level, contemplative ride, done in 3 days in Serra da Bocaina, one of the most amazing environmental protection areas in Brazil.

Serra da Bocaina is a national park of environmental preservation that is characterized as a true paradise for ecotourism. In this region, it is possible to enjoy the best of Serra do Mar, a rich biodiversity and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you will ever see, full of peaks, trails and waterfalls. Fall in love!
























1Day  de Pedal (Saturday):Ascent of the beautiful Serra da Bocaina from São José do Barreiro, alternating stretches of gravel and paved stretches surrounded by native forest. We will have a hearty breakfast and then start the 26 km climb,which will be done each at their own pace - no rush. We will have dinner and sleep at an inn at the top of the Serra. Support car will take the luggage.

Distance: 26 km
Elevation: 2028 m
Estimated ascent time: up to 4 hours
























2nd day  de Pedal (Sunday):After a hearty breakfast, we'll leave by bike towards the Bocaina National Park and inside we'll visit the Santo Isidro and Mochileiros Waterfalls.  We'll be back to enjoy a nice lunch at the Inn. In the afternoon, we will take a walk to Casa de Pedra, an icon of Serra da Bocaina.

Distance: 15 km
Elevation: 200m
Estimated pedal time:  4 hours (morning and afternoon)






3rd day  de Pedal (Monday):the descent is made inside the park along a fascinating dirt road, passing by Cachoeira do Bonito and the dazzling Valley of the same name, without any movement of cars or motorcycles (it is forbidden inside the Park), returning to São José do Barreiro. - 53 km. A crazy downhill of about 30 km.

Distance: 53 km
Elevation  Positivo: 770 m
Negative unevenness
Positive flight: 1,780 m
Estimated pedal time:  5 hours 















Value(double rooms);
BRL 1,800.00 - in cash
R$1,900.00 - in installments (3 installments - if you start your payment in January
 de 2023)(Banking Boleto or PIX).

All participants must arrive on Friday night.

What we offer:
There will be a hotel and parking lot to store your cars and they will be safe while pedaling.

- Hotel and breakfast between April 28/29 (pedal day)

- Day 29/04 - breakfast, lunch (snack) on arrival in the Serra, accommodation with an excellent dinner at the end of the day. Support car to go up with the luggage and for some support, if necessary during the ascent.

-Day 04/30 - In the morning, a succulent breakfast and the preparation to go down by bike to the waterfalls. Return around 1pm for lunch. A good rest after lunch and a short ride to Casa de Pedra, returning at sunset to enjoy a broth or dinner

-Day 01/05 - we will pedal off after breakfast and the support car will come down with our luggage to leave it at the hotel of origin, where we will take a shower, and then return to our cities. This day lunch is not included, but there will be the possibility of having lunch after arrival.

Support car: The support car will only be used to go up the mountain with your belongings, on the first day and will also be able to provide some support to the biker.

The support car will not be with us on the 2nd day and on the 3rd day it goes down with our belongings to leave at the hotel - during the 3rd day we go down a side road inside the Park and without car traffic. If there is any need for extra rescue (due to tiredness or the bike breaking), this will be charged separately (R$150.00 / person). Despite being an easy ride, we advise you to come with a serviced bike. Any need for medical assistance will be at the expense of the participant. We will only make the displacement possible.


- 286 km from São Paulo
- 220 km from Rio de Janeiro

no senhad Rio-Sao Paulo

– Via Dutra (BR-116) to Barra Mansa (exit at km 273, Cotiara district). Head towards Bananal (RJ-157 highway). Keeping the same road, you will pass through Bananal towards Arapeí. After Arapeí, head towards the neighborhood of Formoso (now São José do Barreiro) and after 7 KM you will arrive at the municipality of São José do Barreiro.

From São Paulo to Rio

– Ayrton Senna / Carvalho Pinto system (SP-070) until the end. Take Via Dutra (BR-116) to Queluz (exit at km 08).  Follow through Queluz until the exit for Areias/São José do Barreiro via the tropeiros highway (SP-068). At the roundabout at the Areias portal, turn left, passing through Areias. Continue along the tropeiros road to São José do Barreiro.

By bus:

– Viação Bird Brown. Tel. (11) 6221-0244. Buses depart from the Tietê Bus Terminal (SP).


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